Dr. Henya Shanun-Klein, Counseling Psychologist and Thanatologist. Founder and Head of the Thanatology Programs—The Study of Loss and Bereavement—at the departments of Continuing Education at the Universities of Haifa and Ariel, Israel. Former university professor in the States. Founded www.gilisplace.com—one of the first professional websites on loss and grief-related issues. Researcher, lecturer, counselor/therapist and author. Published articles and textbooks on loss and grief:

  • Gili’s Book—A Journey into Bereavement for Parents and Counselors. (1998, NY: Teachers College Press, Columbia University)
  • Studies of Grief and Bereavement. (2013, NY: Nova Science Publishers)
  • In Hebrew: Thanatology—The Study of Loss, Dying and Bereavement: Selected Topics. (2013, Haifa: Pardes Publishing).

The award winning play “Gili” (In Israel. First award, Teatroneto, 2005) was based on Gili’s Book. Volunteer in international rescue organizations as a traumatic-loss specialist