Joseph Reyna belongs to no secret brotherhood, and has no allegiance to political parties or religious organizations. He has spent nearly three decades locating and piecing together an image of what transpired over 2,000 years ago. He is of Mayan descent and a dreamer of Silent Thunder. His information pertaining to past and future events was obtained through visions and dreams. Information pertaining to his past, obtained in this manor, was verified by historical records: a process that took decades.

Knowledge concerning the future was scrutinized by very advanced spiritual teachers and found to be accurate, despite any misgivings each of these individuals personally experienced during the divulging of this information.

He is not a card-carrying theologian, however he is well versed on the subjects covered by the novel. Knowing his work would be meticulously dissected in an attempt to discredit it, he immersed himself in the writings of all adversaries who had attacked others who proposed concepts and ideas similar to his. In most cases the solution was a simple mis-translation. In other instances, he uncovered deliberate omissions and inaccurate quotes of what Jesus actually said from the oldest gospels available.


Joseph lives in South Texas where he continues his studies.