13 Questions Answered About Readers Cloud 9


1.  What is the relationship between 3rd Coast Books, LLC, (www.3rdcoastbooks.com) and Readers Cloud 9 (www.readerscloud9.com)?

  • 3rd Coast Books is a “Hybrid Publisher”. If you want 3rd Coast Books to consider publishing your book, go to the web site above and click on “Submissions.”
  • Readers Cloud 9 is our world-wide book marketing web site which will include a weekly newsletter starting in November 2018 sent to our global contacts to let readers buy your book.

2.  Who gets the royalties if I am not a 3rd Coast Books author or publisher?

  • Authors and their publishers make 100% of the royalties earned by various e-retail web sites where buyers are supplied a link to purchase the book, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and the iTunes Bookstore. Neither 3rd Coast Books nor Readers Cloud 9 will take any royalties from the sale of the books.

3. If I want to become a 3rd Coast Books published author, how do I submit my manuscript?

4. How do I sign up for the Readers Cloud 9 weekly newsletter?

5. What is the Readers Cloud 9 Catalog?

  • This is a permanent catalog on the web with a listed of all the books which appear in the weekly newsletters. Readers can browse and continue to buy your books after your book is showcased in the weekly newsletter (where you pay to advertise your book title). Books will be listed by genre.

6. How often will the Readers Cloud 9 newsletter be sent out?

  • Weekly

7. How many people will receive this weekly newsletter?

  • We currently have 13.4 million contacts to start our opt-in process which includes readers, reviewers, bloggers, librarians, and book clubs all over the world to launch Readers Cloud 9. The number of opt-in participants will grow exponentially as more people sign up and our website is shared on social media.

8. What does it mean that Readers Cloud 9 is forming a “Global Literary Community”?

  • So far, our 13.4 million contacts include people from around the world like the U.K., Spain, Philippines, Indonesia, Asia, India, Canada, U.S., Mexico, Australia, and New Zealand. The list grows every day as our marketing team continues to invite people from all cultures to join us. We want to let people become members of something larger than themselves. (Future plans include the incorporation of Spanish language bilingual books.)

9. What other features will Readers Cloud 9 offer to authors and readers?

  • We will have complete author profiles along with other books they have published.
  • Links to author interviews, podcasts, featured blogs, and trailers to promote a community atmosphere with our listed authors
  • Lists of Bloggers, Reviewers, Book Clubs, and other Publishing Resources
  • Periodic “Give-Aways”

10. What is the purpose of Readers Cloud 9?

  • To promote all authors including the author who is indie published
  • To market authors’ books on a mass marketing scale
  • To promote awareness of books and their authors
  • More book sales
  • To acquaint the world-wide reader market to known and unknown authors’ works
  • And of course to market our parent company, 3rd Coast Books’ published works.

11. Will Readers Cloud 9 allow reviews on this website? Who can place a review on the site?

  • It is becoming more difficult for people to place reviews on other sites because of restrictions. RC9 has very few of them
  • Anyone can write a review of your book as long as they follow our printed guidelines on the RC9 site. We reserve the right to pull any unprofessional or profane reviews.
  • RC9 has a list of well-known reviewers whom the author or publisher can approach to write a review. RC9 believes that a review—either positive or negative—is a privilege of the reader.

12. What genres of books will 3rd Coast Books, LLC, publish and what books will Readers Cloud 9 allow on their catalog and newsletter?

  • Neither company will publish or market Erotica, Porn or “Hate Books.” Other than that, we encourage all genres.

13. Who sets the price of outside authors’ and publishers’ e-books on the RC9 newsletter?

  • The author or their publisher sets the price but it must correspond to the pricing on the sites (links) to which you refer readers to purchase your book. If you change the pricing, you must let us know to change the pricing on RC9 and in our catalog.

For further questions, just go to: info@readerscloud9.com. We will be happy to answer your questions truthfully and accurately.