A Day with My Father

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It’s a Love Story!

A Day with My Father is a true story about a little girl who grew up estranged from her father. Later at the age of fifty, her father elected to come back into her life which caused her to make a huge decision whether to accept or reject him. Do I open the door of my heart again and let him in or do I keep the door closed and put a dead bolt lock on it forever?

Every person should revisit their childhood to discover the secret to who they are and why they function as they do. The visit will reveal one’s true self portrait and uncover the thoughts that remain from their childhood, which often manifest in undesired behavior. If you have had your heart broken by someone you love and trust, this book will bring you peace and give you the power to reconcile that relationship.

The direct impression of Jesus’ sacrificed life constitutes the value of Forgiveness. This book will ignite your journey of forgiveness.    —Dr. Cynthia E. J. Carter, Senior Pastor of WUTS Ministries and author of Honey Out of a Dead Carcass.

Lady O has a reputation for ‘keeping it real’ as she does in this work. Her story is a powerful revelation of the Heavenly Father’s embrace of her heart to make her an instrument of love and forgiveness.     —Dr. John Ogletree, Jr., Senior Pastor of First Metropolitan Church, author of What’s in Your Hand?

Forgiveness is a proven God designed strategy to begin the healing process and sets our souls free to soar.     —Anita Carman, Founder and President of Inspire Women and author of Beyond My Mother’s Dreams

Dr. Evelyn Ogletree’s book, A Day with My Father, brings the reader face to face with one of our greatest modern societal needs: deep sub-surface hidden debilitating “Unforgiveness.”     —Archbishop Dr. Sterling Lands II, Sr. Pastor, Greater Calvary Bible Church and Presiding Prelate of the Family Life International Fellowship.

Dr. Evelyn Ogletree, Executive Pastor of First Metropolitan Church (Houston, TX), affectionately known as Lady O, was born in Tyler, Texas but grew up in Dallas. In December of 2012, Lady O received her Doctorate Degree at Texas A&M University in Urban Education. She also holds a Master’s Degree in counseling from Prairie View A&M University and her Bachelor’s Degree from Texas Southern University.Lady O is a former school teacher for HISD, KISD, Cy-Fair ISD (School Counselor) and Adjunct Professor for Lone Star College. She preaches, teaches, coaches, and is the founder of Women at the Feet of Jesus Women’s Conference.


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