Don’t Call Me Ma’am

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A Transgender Story of Living In a World Without Labels

After years of being called “Ma’am” by well-meaning service providers, Shelley Roth came up with the idea of leaving a “Tip Card” along with the usual monetary tip to inform and educate wait staff and other “customer-facing” personnel. This began an unplanned journey as Shelley realized that a simple tip card offering advice to avoid assumptions based on appearance was just the beginning.

In Don’t Call Me Ma’am: A Transgender Story of Living in a World Without Labels, Shelley shares the inspiring story of the journey from coming up with a simple idea to coming out as a transgender person. The hope of the story is to share a vision for a world with no labels; where human beings live with understanding, cooperation and acceptance and where who we are on the inside is not limited by artificial labels we see when we look in the mirror. Part autobiography, part memoir, part educational tips,

Don’t Call Me Ma’am will speak to anyone who has ever felt limited, misunderstood or isolated by labels and to those who care about them. Shelley has been a life-long educator and nurturer: first as a teacher and assistant principal, a successful salesperson, a social media navigator and author and now as a human being sharing a trans-formative transgender journey. Through sharing this book, Shelley aspires to educate those who don’t understand transgender and are seeking more knowledge.

Shelley hopes that whoever reads this book and hears a talk at an event or conference will learn through this personal story what a transgender person is, and more importantly on a higher level, realize how labels don’t define us and are not necessary for our souls to thrive.

Shelley is the author of three previous books:

  • Get Real, People! How to Use Social Media for REAL-ationship Marketing,
  • Shedding Your Sales Shark: Lessons from a Recovering Sales Shark & How to Apply Them in Social Media Marketing & Life
  • Give to Grow: 9 Principles for Conscious Business, Social Media and Life.

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