Please familiarize yourself with all aspects of this book award process before moving forward as this award is unlike any other book award currently out there.

Because there is an internet vote involved with the selection of the top 3 awards (Gold, Silver, Bronze) in each category, you need to know the responsibilities that the Finalists sign-on for which are located at this link.

Your book must meet these guidelines to be eligible for entry:

Only books which have hard copies produced are eligible. They can be offset print or POD (print on demand) product, but those books only published as an Ebook are not eligible.

Entries must have a publication date in 2016 or 2017

All books must carry an ISBN#.

Entries must be Indie Published. All that means is your book must be published by a small independent publisher. If you self-published your book, you are classified as an independent publisher.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email us at rita.mills@readerscloud9.com.

Employees and board members of 3rd Coast Books, Readers Cloud 9, or Cloud 9 Indie Book Award are not eligible to enter the award. Official judges are also ineligible to enter.