Below you will find a link to the MASTER ROUTING SHEET which you will need to complete in order to enter the Cloud 9 Indie Book Award. This form will help us keep track of all aspects of the book title which you are entering in the award competition.

The following 3 downloadable files are samples of the JUDGE’S SCORING SHEETS depending on the category you are entering in the competition. Our scoring process is simple and to the point as you will see on the sheet. The Judge’s Scoring Guidelines are merely for your edification so you know the merits on which your book will be judged.


o   Children’s Books

o   Adult Fiction

o   Adult Nonfiction

All files are in PDF format which is viewable with Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you have any questions about these files or you are having trouble downloading them, please email us at and we will endeavor to get the forms to you another way.