This book award is unlike any other that is currently out there. Our judges will select what they feel are the top 10 books in a specific category, but then it is up to the reading audience to decide on the 3 prize winners (Gold, Silver, Bronze) in each of the 22 categories.

That said it is imperative the finalists agree to participate in the online internet vote to pick the winners.

Top 10 finalists per category will be notified on or before May 1, 2018

Finalists must supply the following 3 pieces of information which will be posted for the online internet vote. The finalists will have ample time to get the following information back to our awards headquarters.

  1. JPG of their book cover as a low resolution file
  2. A copy of the table of contents for nonfiction and a synopsis with a fiction title
  3. First chapter of their book

Once the site is built and the vote is underway, part of the finalists’ job will be to help with awareness. So, we would like for each of you to utilize your social media skills to their fullest to help get out the vote for your book. In the meantime, the Readers Cloud 9 will be marketing the award competition worldwide so your book will have a tremendous amount of exposure just from the voting process alone.

Any awareness is good awareness and if you would like to incorporate book signings, or any other type of event to help pull in the vote please feel free to do so. If you have a question about something you are wanting to do please don’t hesitate to email us at

Failure of any finalists to complete, sign and return any further requested documents within a designated timeframe may result in disqualification and selection of an alternate winner at the sponsor’s sole discretion.


May 1, 2018 – Finalists notified by email and the above information requested
May 14, 2018 – Deadline for finalists’ info to get to the awards headquarters
June 10, 2018 – The Internet Vote Begins
June 30, 2018 – The Internet Vote Ends
July 23, 2018 – Winners notified
September 2018 – Ad runs in Publisher’s Weekly Magazine