Ron Mumford has been in singles ministry for many years as a Bible Fellowship teacher at Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, Texas, Pastor: Dr. Jack Graham. Ron was a Journalism major, Business minor at the University of North Texas and has written for magazines, newspapers and was a front line Combat Correspondent in the U.S. Army.

Works include being published in several poetry anthologies, a novel entitled Gray Justice, two screen plays entitled, “For Every Child,” the story of how Santa Claus got his elves and Wayne’s Angel, a story about the spiritual battle for a man’s soul. Finding Your Soul Mate, God’s Way, was published after exhaustive biblical research on what God says about Soul Mates. He promises that if we do our part, He will send us our soul mate. This book tells us what our part is and that we’ll know who our soul mate is in His timing. But first, we must make some major changes in order to receive The Gold Medal of Relationships.